Custom Website Development

Complete Website Development

Website development is no longer our main focus, so this section is maintained for posterity. We do still consider some website work if it catches our imagination.

If you need custom website development we would be happy to talk about your needs. Our developers can create all aspects of the site. Including the ascetic design, user interface, database back end and content management system (CMS). Our website development is performed in PHP and MySQL with options for Java plugins and a plethora of other features.

When it comes to web development seeing is truly believing so without further ado: 


Name: Kaboot, Linux in a Flash
Type: Ainkaboot supports Open Source and Kaboot is a Linux based Live CD/USB operating system.
Purpose: An exciting website design, colourful and interesting, it provides information for users of Kaboot and enables users to download Kaboot from the site, chat in the forum and view screenshots. 


Name: Cayman Arts Festival 2006
Type: Complete Festival site.
Purpose: Informing potential attendees, using innovative graphics and an exciting layout.


Name: Orphica Homepage
Type: Central column with a menu at the top. Simple and elegant.
Purpose: Sales and Marketing purposes, simply laid out information. 


Name: New Legends Intro Page
Type: Simple entrance page
Purpose: Intro page provides direct access to forum and entrance to main site. 


Name: New Legends Homepage
Type: Central pane, page view, sliding menu around the central pane. Stylish look and exciting interface.
Purpose: Promotional, and fan info page some media streaming and links to forum. This site has been discontinued.