KlustOS powered render farms

Processor intensive distributed rendering requires a powerful high density platform. Ainkaboot’s Octiod systems in combination with KlustOS provide a simple scalable platform for the visual effects industry.

Need an in house render farm?

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High Availability Situations

In a world increasingly relying on the availability of resources, most of which are digital it is imperative to ensure those resources are avaliable, data safe and able to cope with demand.

  • Database replication
  • Load balancing
  • Complete solutions, hardware, software, UPS, support and upgrades
Intensive Processing

Providing solutions tailoured for high performance processing applications. We specialise in distributed processing systems.

Comprehensive Consulting

Getting the right advice for selecting information technology is quite possibly the most important aspect of improving an IT infrastructure.

Our consultants can help design specialist solutions, for example a Hyperwall of screens for data visualisation.