Ainkaboot’s Vision for the Future

This section of the site presents a collection of resources provided by the Ainkaboot team which indirectly relates to our work on clustering, articles, podcasts, white papers and various other media.


Ainkaboot parallel processing in financial modelling

Modelling in Finance can be an extreme example of intensive applications, requiring supercomputing performance largely due to the time restraints.

Ainkaboot Render Farms and Distributed Rendering Systems

Ainkaboot provides a variety of solutions to problems which require complex computational topographies. One such problem is speeding up rendering.

Open Source Software Application Focus – Blender (November 2006)

This article examine the use of Bender, a powerful open source 3D modelling application, by Ainkaboot to produce material suitable for demonstrating and testing clusters for distributed render farms.

The article includes the associated blend file and complete animation video.


White Papers

What is Clustering and how High Performance Computing impacts on Business? (October 2006)
Clustering Summary

This paper provides a basic introduction to Clustering technology, explaining the underlying concepts and examining example applications. Then discusses the design principles and issues associated with the adoption of clustering, before introducing the way Ainkaboot hopes to simplify widespread adoption of clusters.

The paper is suitable for anyone with a good understanding of computing technology and terminology and is intended to provide information to help better understand the concept of clustering.