Ainkaboot Render Farms and Distributed Rendering Systems

Render farms and distributed rendering systems

Ainkaboot provides a variety of solutions to problems which require complex computational topographies. One such problem is speeding up rendering.

For those of you with experience in rendering complex graphics and animations you will have spent plenty of time simply waiting for a frame to render. This is a frustrating and unnecessary situation. The beauty of rendering from a clustering point of view is that it falls into the “trivially parallel situation”, i.e. rendering times should scale linearly with the number of processors used. As such if we wanted to halve the time to render an animation we simply double the number of computers working on it.

We believe we have devised the ultimate in convenient affordable computing from both a hardware and software perspective, suitable for the visual effects, CAD and CGI animation industries.


Octimod is a simple to manage hardware system with a high density of processing nodes. It can sit in your server room and provide all the processing power necessary to speed up your rendering. Simply send the job off to the server and continue working on your desktop. the result will be ready in a fraction of the time it would take your desktop to render it.


Designed such that your processing power can grow as your business does, expanding your processing power is as simple as installing more nodes. Not to mention the more you expand the cheaper the total cost of ownership gets. Ainkaboot KlustOS operating system will boot up the new nodes and add them to your processing pool. Once delivered new nodes can be up and running within minutes, increasing your capacity.


Systems can be deployed with built in redundancy, such that if a hardware failure should occur it will have not significant impact on every day operations. KlustOS can have multiple masters monitoring the other such that if one breaks another picks up the baton and the farm continues to function.


We have ensured in the design that we will be able to provide the highest levels of support to our customers should they require changes or encounter problems with their systems. In making things simple for you we have made them simple for ourselves.

If you are interested in what we can do for you please do get in touch and we can go into more detail, determining exactly what you need and how bes to get it.

Resources if you are interested in deploying a Render Farms
  • KlustOS – Linux based so no licensing costs, can be rapidly configured and optimised for your specific situation.
  • Octimod – Our custom high density platform highly suitable for the graphics industry, compact and powerful while looking fairly stylish too.
  • Render Farm – Distributed rendering cluster architecture.
  • DrQueue – Powerful render farm manager.