Ainkaboot's Partners

Sight Systems

Sight Systems have been working with Ainkaboot from a very early stage and provided their expertise in taking the Octimod concept from the drawing board to production.

Sight Systems are experts in providing custom computer engineering and specialise in unique solutions for a huge range of situations. Their website’s case studies illustrates some of their work. Sight Systems expertise ensures that the Octimod systems are built to the highest standards and can provide maximum performance.


Ainkaboot offer the DrQueue software as the batch queueing software of choice on KlustOS. Support and additional development of scripts and features are provided by the developers of DrQueue.

By working directly with DrQueue we can offer the best possible service to our clients.

OnTrack Data Recovery

Ainkaboot are aware of the damaging effect that dataloss can have and our replication systems in combination with a well implemented backup plan should eliminate the risk. However if problems do arise we have an arrangement with Ontrack resulting in a 15% discount for Ainkaboot customers.