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19/02/2007 – VIA EPIA EN-Powered Ainkaboot Octimod Cluster Makes HPC Scalable and Affordable

Energy efficient, ultra compact modular design provides high density parallel and supercomputing units that can grow with your organization.

17/10/2006 – Ainkaboot Raises the Bar for High Density Computing

Ainkaboot Octimod Systems increase density and efficiency for applications in high performance and high availability computing.

London, UK, 17th October 2006 – Ainkaboot Ltd, a specialist in high performance and high availability operating systems and hardware, today unveiled the Octimod hardware platform.

08/07/2006 – Hanni Ali presents to the Gentoo Community

Hanni Ali presented at the Gentoo UK Conference 2006, presenting on Kaboot and how Gentoo is used by Ainkaboot for High Performance Computing. In the talk he gave he outlined the hardware configuration and explained the ethos behind Beowulf clustering.

04/04/2006 – Ainkaboot launches new breed of high-performance computers

A new breed of supercomputers is being launched by IT solutions company, Ainkaboot Ltd. The company will start providing high-performance computer clusters for businesses to use as an alternative to standard servers in July 2006.

These innovative supercomputers are designed to meet the efficiency needs of businesses…

26/03/2006 – Ainkaboot officially launches new website.

On Sunday the new Ainkaboot website was launched.

08/12/2005 – Kaboot, Linux in a flash.

Kaboot Operating System website launched. Kaboot is an open source Linux based distribution and is supported by Ainkaboot. Kaboot’s website has a forum and Kaboot Recovery, Kaboot Lite, Kaboot Science and Kaboot Komplete are now all available for download.

01/11/2005 – The Cayman Arts Festival 2006

Cayman Arts Festival 2006 website launched. Scheduled for February 2006 this festival has some exciting acts.

24/08/2005 – Orphica Bespoke, Creative and Innovative Music Solutions

Orphica website launched. Improvements such as optimisation for Google, content updates and a re-design of the site.

08/06/2005 – Financial Consulting

Ainkaboot is performing some technical analysis research, working with a Hedge Fund on a trading model.

07/06/2005 – Ainkaboot becomes a Limited Company

On the 7th June Ainkaboot Limited was formed.

Blast Latest

Working with Silicon Intelligence, based in Australia. Ainkaboot has been creating a Linux based Live CD. Designed to be Simple, Secure and Speedy, Blast aims to bring safe internet browsing to Windows users. Containing all the programs you need to browse the internet, chat on messengers and download files.

Blast has entered its second stage of development and Version 0.2 is currently being tested.

New Legends

New Legends, an up and coming band who recently played at Leeds Festival had their website designed by Ainkaboot. They have discontinued their site.