High Performance Computing - Software

Custom Configured Operating System for maximum performance.

KlustOS has been developed specifically as a clustering operating system, its purpose when installed on a master is to provide the facility to attach nummerous nodes which will form the cluster. It is a customised operating system based on core concepts, but individually configured to provide the ultimate in ease of use and extract the maximum performance from the hardware. Every aspect of the system is compiled specifically for the architecture it is deployed on and performance can be optimised for the clusters application.

KlustOS is based on the Linux Kernel and uses the meta-distribution Gentoo for the majority of the low level system utilities. Virtually any program written to run on Linux will be able to run on KlustOS.

The key part of a High Performance Computing solution is the software which provides the various aspects of operating system and management tools and utilities as well as a stable and correctly configured build. KlustOS has a number of management utilities and applications designed to allow an administrator control and easy monitoring either remotely or locally.

A number of different parallel computing facilities and implementations are available. Message passing facilities include PVM, MPI-CH, MPI, etc.