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Scalable, tailored, high availability, high performance, high density computer cluster solutions

Ainkaboot Clusters

Ainkaboot offers tailored, high availability, high density, high performance computing cluster solutions. Our aim is to provide the complete service simplifying the process for the client.

The solutions are based around a new and innovative hardware arrangement which increases the density and power efficiency of the CPU’s. Couple this with an individually designed and configured operating system, customised specifically to achieve maximum performance from the hardware and for the specific application of the cluster. The result is an Eco-friendly, cost effective, space and power saving design.

Designing and building a cluster is a complex and time consuming process, Ainkaboot’s job is to work with you every step of the way and help ensure an optimum solution is reached.

We explain some cluster designs to help determine how your project may be implemented in on our Cluster Architecture page.

Octimod Hardware

Octimod modular servers provide the perfect hardware system for clustering. Octimod was designed specifically to address a multitude of problems associated with clustering, and provides a sound platform for constructing clusters for a variety of applications. The modular approach provides a cost effective means of cluster deployment, addresses scalability and increases density. Read More >>


An operating system built specifically for clustering and optimised for the application the cluster is used for. KlustOS will maximise the performance of the hardware implemented. Read More >>

Facility Issues

Ainkaboot provides a complete package from conception to completion and beyond, every aspect of the cluster and it’s environment must be assessed, in order for the cluster to function effectively a number of facility issues need to be considered.


An appropriate amount of space to allow sufficient cooling and access is necessary.


The power requirements must be considered. Ainkaboot systems come with a redundant power supply and we can provide Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems as well for 100% up time.


Lighting can prove to produce a lot of heat in a Data Centre and Ainkaboot can source low heat lighting systems to reduce the pressure on Air Conditioning systems.


Air Conditioning and fans, as well as cabinet selection and hardware setup are important when building the cluster. Maintaining a constant temperature at an acceptable level can be difficult when large numbers of processors are used.